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  • iron slag recycling - Feldspar Crusher Sales - machinery

    . Solid Waste Treatment,Converter … The converter slag treatment technology self-developed by BSIET can recover metal iron in slag to the maximum, and reduce metal content in tailing slag. Iron and steel slag. Recycling: Prior to processing, some steel slag is recycled to blast furnaces, directly or as agglomerates, as a source of iron and .


    CONVERTER GAS AND WASTE WATER TREATMENT BY OG-SYSTEM IN STEEL SMELTING INDUSTRY Thesis . furnace slag, converter slag, iron scale and refractory. (Zhaowen, Lei & Yuanlong 2008.) 2.2 Waste water characteristic and major pollutants Iron and steel industry use a large amount of water resource, and produce waste water during the process of .

  • Steel slag recycling - Harsco M

    Recycle EAF slag, ladle slag, converter slag, or stainless slag. Metal recovery and aggregate sales.

  • Plasma Waste Disposal

    Today, it is widely used for municipal waste utilization. In Japan two converters are working already and transform 200 tons per day. Plasma technology is currently being developed in Italy, Spain and other European countries. In North America there are companies, which produce plasma converters that have mobile and stationary capabilities. In .

  • Copper extraction - Wikipedia

    Reverberatory furnaces were often used to treat molten converter slag to recover contained copper. This would be poured into the furnaces from ladles carried by cranes. However, the converter slag is …

  • 12.3 Primary Copper Smelting

    12.3 Primary Copper Smelting 12.3.1 General1 Copper ore is produced in 13 states. In 1989, Arizona produced 60 percent of the total U. S. ore. Fourteen domestic mines .

  • Equipment To Treat Converter Slag - magentoadmin

    Equipment To Treat Converter Slag. Archived News - I & H Brown Ltd. Find out civil engineering, reclamation, remediation and soil treatment news from I & H Brown showing our latest and previous news detailing our many jobs. Chat Online. JuJa Italia. Top VIdeos. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps .


    Synergetic use of lignite fly ash and metallurgical converter slag in geopolymer concrete 45 mer concrete. The subject of the paper - besides the utilization possibility – is the investigation of the effect of aggregate/binder ratio, amount of the activator solution and fly ash fineness in the binder, aggregate type on the geopolymer .


    RECYCLING OF PLATINUM GROUP METALS FROM AUTOMOTIVE CATALYSTS BY AN ACIDIC LEACHING PROCESS R . catalytic converters. Hydrochloric acid in combination with hydrogen peroxide is used as leaching agent. This combination selectively dissolves the PGMs and the cerium, which can be recovered in separate steps. As the leaching solution is .


    FERRONICKEL PRODUCTION AND OPERATION REFINING OF FERRONICKEL . (transportation ladle, converter vessel, treatment ladle or electric arc furnace). The usage of converters in the refinery process is advantageous compared to the ladle furnace route ifthere is a very high starting carbon (C > 0.60 %) or silicon (Si> 1.00 %) content. In some .

  • Further processing and granulation of slags with entrained .

    slag dump is constructed of which the capital and running costs are way in excess of those of a slag granulation plant. Processing of such slag-dumps is very labour intensive and costly, where crushing and screening plants are utilised to reduce the slag-dumps by either recycling or jigging to remove alloys, or to convert it into a backfill .

  • Understanding Electric Arc Furnace Operations - InfoHouse

    standard equipment on EAFs. The first use of burners was for melting the scrap at the slag door where arc heating was fairly inefficient. In ultra-high-power (UHP) furnaces, it is .

  • Nickel Smelting and Refining - IFC

    Nickel Smelting and Refining. 351. should be recycled. To the extent possible, all pro-cess effluents should be returned to the process. Treatment Technologies

  • Reprocessing of metallurgical slag into materials for the .

    Reprocessing of metallurgical slag into materials for the building industry . Author links open overlay panel L.S Pioro a I.L Pioro b. Show more. https://doi/10.1016/S0956-053X(03)00071-0 Get rights and content. Abstract. Several methods of reprocessing metallurgical (blast furnace) slag into materials for the building industry, based on .


    By using hot BOF-slag taken directly from the converter more than half of the energy needed for treatment of the slag can be saved compared with treatment of cold slag. The experiments were carried out in the end of 2008 using a 5 MVA electric furnace at Swerea MEFOS. The Twelfth International Ferroalloys Congress Sustainable Future June 6 .

  • GLOSSARY: Euroslag

    Converter lime. Product obtained by milling of basic oxygen furnace slag (BOS) as well as by sieving of disintegrated basic oxygen furnace slag (BOS) or ladle slag from the treatment of non-alloyed steels. As essential ingredients it contains calcium and magnesium silicates as well as oxides and is used as fertilizer. Crude steel . The term .

  • Technical Report UDC 669 . 162 . 275 . 2 Development of a .

    and treatment method using a rotary cooler as the main equipment. 2.2 Studies on slag treatment process Two types of slag stem from iron- and steelmaking processes: blast furnace and steelmaking slags. Various methods for granulat- ing blast furnace slag using water were developed since the 1970s, and its use as blast furnace cement rapidly .

  • Co-treatment of converter slag and pyrrhotite tailings via .

    Co-treatment of converter slag and pyrrhotite tailings via high pressure oxidative leaching. . Co-leaching of pyrrhotite tailings with converter slags at the same temperature, oxygen partial pressure and equivalent stoichiometric H(2)SO(4) was found to have kinetics similar to that of leaching with sulphuric acid. Lowering the addition of .

  • Development and application of antifouling slag spraying .

    Domestic and foreign scholars carried out a series of researches on the slag sticking problems of converter from the special equipment for removing sticky slag from converter mouth, the technology of separating sticking residue from sticky slag and the treatment of sticky slag. Wuhan Iron and Steel Company scholars choose the magnesia .

  • The effect of steel converter slag application along with .

    the important methods of iron chloride treatment, various fertilizers containing iron reformer materials can be used that include iron mineral salts, acidic reformer materials, industry sidelong wastes, and blood powder [10]. With regard to mentioned contents, the use of Mobarakeh Steel Complex's converter slag along with urban sewage sludge on .

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